Sanjay Dutt Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

Indian Star actor Sanjay Dutt, aka Sunju Baba, received the prestigious Nobel Prize for peace, for his re-vitalizing of the philosophy of peace, better known as Gandhism. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who never received this award, has always been considered the biggest embarrassment for the prestigious global award. Sources say that this award, to Dutt, is to compensate for that oversight.

The actor, who was jubilant after receiving this award said that he believed his parents, and not he, really deserved the prize.

Meanwhile, the opinion was divided back home. While a lot of fans cheered the news, there were a few detractors who felt that this was money power of Bollywood which has resulted in this award, and they felt that it is a conspiracy to pressurize the Indian courts to dismiss cases against him. Dutt, 48, is contesting a TADA (a special democratic law in India) court’s six year sentence, for illegal possession of willful destruction of arms. One famous blogger from Indian blogosphere made comment that: “destruction of arms” is the greatest contribution anyone can do to world peace”.

Senior Gandhian leaders celebrated the news, citing it as a vindication of Mahatma’s philosophy of non-violence. However some express cynicism at the commercialization of the philosophy in its new avtaar: gandhigiri.

Meanwhile, US president, George W. Bush, has vehemently criticized the Nobel committee for trivialization of peace prize by giving it to a “mere actor”.Angry Bush

“After all, what is the real contribution of Mr. Dutt, to world peace? I am a great admirer of Gandhi’s philosophy of non-alignment. Gandhi was a great person. He fought for world-peace just like me and my father. He fought for peace in Sri-Lanka, and died for the cause. His brother, this Sanjay, has not done anything to deserve a peace prize, on the other hand”, he said, addressing a press-conference. Sources reveal, that this just after Al Gore’s peace prize, has angered and hurt the President, who said this about the other award: “We will shift the headquarters of Nobel to Florida next year”.

When reminded that it is Sanjay Dutt, not Sanjay Gandhi, who’s been chosen for the award, the President remarked in his charismatic style: “Oh well, what’s the difference, they’re both bloddy injuns”

The actor will be visiting the Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai, to thank God for this kindness.


7 thoughts on “Sanjay Dutt Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

  1. Hehe.. I’d read the previous post on SRT.. a few days back and was majorly confused .. I thought he was really dropped.. perhaps coz I didn’t read properly with my pounding heart .. and so I kept surfing channels for a while .. came back .. re-read and then . .well .. *phew* I know I know .. I’m kinda dumb. Thankfully I’d seen Lage Raho for the first time on max on 2nd Oct! So I know what Gandhigiri is all about .. the Bush part was cool ..


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