Piyush Jindal thanks India for her support

US based Indian Bobby, aka Piyush, Jindal was elected the Governor of Louisiana, after a sweeping victory. The news has sent his nation of origin into frenzy. In Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and most major cities (except the Communist Kolkota) in India, there were jubilant celebrations. In Mahrashtra state, in particular, people came on the streets, on Sunday, after the news hit the media. They distributed leaves of trees, to celebrate the “growing” success of Indians in America. Lot of homes also prepared sweets, to celebrate the occasion.

Piyush Jindal celebrates A visibly emotional Piyush Jindal talked (exclusively) to a prestigious Indian news channel. When told about the celebrations back home by the reporter, our own Piyush had this to say:

“Thank you…thank you…thank you India. Folks…I’ve got an idea…Let’s give our homeland…a fresh start!

I stand here tonight very humbled by your support. It’s hard to describe, but I really feel a heavy sense of not only gratitude for all of you, but also of responsibility. More than anything, I stand here tonight tremendously excited and exceedingly optimistic about the opportunity to make real change and to turn our state around”

“Which state, do you mean?”, the reporter asked him. But the question was lost in the huge explosion of cheers from the media persons in the studio, who are the happiest about the news.

“We have to defeat cynicism, we have to stop saying– “politics is always corrupt, there is nothing we can do about the mess in Baton Rouge.” continued Piyush.

As the reporter wondered what the hell “Baton Rouge” was, Piyus stated categorically that, “The time for partisan politics is behind us. This is not my victory tonight. This is our victory. There has never been a clearer mandate for change. This is our time. Our motivation is pride in our homeland”

Meanwhile, back home, there was also a cynical response to the news, coming from the strong Indian blogging community, in particular. A blogger, who blogs at SindhuUnity.hind said that after an Italian remote-control-Prime-minister, we might soon see an American prime-minister, too. But, he was sharply criticized by other liberal bloggers. “Of course it is a great news for India”, sweety_81 said, “Soon we’ll have Indians leading all the major nations, including Pakistan, which will be so exciting!”. That took the discussion into a tangent about how Pakistan is already led by an Indian.

A senior right-wing leader expressed happiness about the news. He praised Jindal as a model citizen of his country. “If all the minorities in India just accepted Hinduism as a True Indian religion, just as Mr. Jindal has accepted Christianity as the True US religion, then India will be as progressive as America”, he said.

A senior left leader has accused Jindal of selling to the majoritarian politics, and had strong words of criticism for his right-wing social policies. Accusing Congress and VHP of clandestinely supporting Mr. Jindal, he said: “This is a ploy to push the Nuclear Deal in the US Senate”. The left, he said, is contemplating to withdraw the support to central government unless Congress apologize to the whole nation, and stops the clandestine support to Mr. Jindal.

In an unrelated development, scientists have observed a 29.76% increase in the happiness index of the global primate population since Jan 2001. The euphoria in primates is observed all over the globe, along with an elevated sense of pride. The scientists are puzzled over the phenomenon.


6 thoughts on “Piyush Jindal thanks India for her support

  1. The most celebration was seen in Jalandhar, where people believed Bobby da puttar was from Punjab inspite of being told otherwise. In an unfortunate skirmish three people were injured, leading on to further violent contention about the origins of Bobby. It is understood that the mob dispersed only after police fired 2 rounds of tear gas.

    Speaking of the incident eminent Indian blogger Suhasini from Delhi commented that It was undemocratic and an attempt to suppress the feminist movement in India. Answering a question she said ‘ What do they know? We have teh right to wear what we want’.


  2. One of our (secret) sources revealed that, inspired by his/her namesake’s exploits, Bobby Darling ( the Indian Diva ? ) has announced his/her intentions of running for the post of Governor of Maharashtra. Legal experts have already been called in to amend Indian constitution so that a person with ambiguous gender can be elected for the prestigious position.

    Fearing the slow pace of legal process in our country, Bobby Darling is dwelling over sex change operation. When asked about her thoughts behind her bold move he/she was quoted saying –

    “Yes, I do like to think of myself as a woman. Unfortunately in our country the gay community is looked on as only male. But I’m going for a sex-change operation in 2007. The process towards gender reversal has already started. I’m very optimistic about my future.”

    We will be reporting LIVE from the hospital lobby when this epoch making event unfolds.. Keep reading.


  3. This parikrama person might be on to something (even though his name means running in circles)

    If you take his/her last name – Darling, and rearrange the letters, you get gindarl (with a hard g spot and silent r).
    You know what this is? Its JINDAL!!

    Think about this – if jindal has changed his religion, and name and country, what is next on the line to change?
    I am thinking, this darling bobby might be the secret double life of jindal.
    Has anyone ever seen them together at the same time? Never. Just like nobody ever saw Clark kent and superman together


  4. I have reading a quite a bit about him and I think it’s great that he has accomplished this much.

    I just don’t understand why someone would want to change your own religion. I have been raised in India until I was 10yrs of age then came to the US. I am a total American man accept that I never wanted to change my religion. I grew up Christains and Muslims and I have always respected them so why would someone want to chage.

    Can’t choose him for a candidate as he may just change to get your votes like all the politicians.

    That’s why I appraise Muslims. They are the only one’s who do not change and keep their faith. They are very strong in that sense but Christians and Hindus often chnage…What a shame??

    Anyway Good Luck to him in th futue. Everyone has their own freedom to whatever they want in the world.


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