Anurag Kashyap to make sequel of No Smoking

After the closet success of No Smoking, Anurag Kashyap is working on its sequel. The project is tentatively titled “Rendezvous” (pro-nun-ci-ation: ron-de-vu). Insider sources reveal that when asked why has he chosen such a title, Anurag in his inimitable style responded: “My first choice of title was randi kaun, but our sensor board would never pass it, so I decided to name it “randi who“.

The story of Rendezvous is centered around a lady, Aleeda Kahemat, who runs a bar (named Rendezvous) in South-Bombay, Mumbai. The bar, where smoking is banned, and all the visitors are expected to come in white clothes, is frequented by the film fraternity. Sources reveal that Anurag has approached Rani Mukharjee for the role. “This could be her hat-trick of prostitute roles”, a not so well known script-writer and a regular visitor of Passion For Cinema (better known as PFC) remarked. John Abraham will play the role of An, a fearless smoker, who dares to visit the celebrity bar in multicolored attire and smokes Classic Milds. At this unprecedented turn of events, Aleeda calls the owner of the bar, Mr. Cash Topra who asks her to ignore him, but not to serve him any drinks.

Aleeda however does not like the arrogance of An, and lets loose her dog, Moti, onto An, who hurts the dog with his Milds. Rendezvous is a story of how An struggles to force Cash Topra to introduce a “smoke pit” inside Rendezvous, and how Aleeda tries to destroy An by using her charms on each and every decision maker, including Cash Topra, and his close friend and partner, JK who runs a coffee-shop (Just Kidding) across the street. At Just Kidding, people can wear “any color you like”, so far as the dress is bought from the Just Kidding stores, although smoking is not permitted there either.

Incidentally, Anurag revealed that this is a second part in his “smoking trilogy”. The third-part, yet unnamed, will also have John playing the lead protagonist, da (as in “the”). Intelligent readers of this site would have figured out the connection between the names of the three protagonists. Thos who haven’t, should not be watching Anurag’s films anyways.

The buzz on PFC is that the movie is supposed to mock the “sell-out” of the film-critics. When we asked Anurag if he worries about the backlash from the critic community he said: “No critic in this country understands movies. How would they even know this is a movie about them?” When we pointed that anyone who reads PFC will naturally know that, he said, “But no one takes PFC seriously”

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9 thoughts on “Anurag Kashyap to make sequel of No Smoking

  1. Asuph .. its tough to decide you are a better poet or a satirist .. go on .. this is too good .. I’m gonna think of this and will keep laughing for a long time..


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