Vatican denies Sainthood to Harry Potter

In a statement by the Vatican, the official spokesperson has dismissed the petition by Harry Potter’s Christian fans (the Young Boys Harry Potter Christian Club, or YBHPCC), for investigation into the miracles by Harry Potter, for a possible Sainthood. Harry Potter, as anyone who can read these days knows, is a hero of J. K. Rowling’s famous “Harry Potter” series.

The Vatican has insisted that besides Harry Potter being a person of “questionable historical authenticity”, Vatican has strong reasons to dismiss the petition.

“Despite the values that we come across in the narration, at the base of this story, magic is proposed as a positive ideal”, said the spokesman in a press conference afterwards. He dismissed as heretical any suggestions that that description seems to fit the legend of the man from Nazareth.

“Surely you don’t mean to compare someone’s figment of imagination with God’s own son?”, the spokesmen retorted.

“But isn’t miracle a precondition for Sainthood”, an agitated fan asked.

“Miracle is not the same as magic”, responded the spokesperson, “It’s not what is done that constitutes a miracle, but who does it. If every tom, dick and Harry started performing miracles, then God will be trivialized. And Vatican will not let that happen”.

The YBHPCC president was not available for comment. However they’ve got a strong support from an unlikely quarter, as the “Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster”, which has offered to consider the inclusion of Harry Potter as a Pirate. We’ll keep you posted on the developments.


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