Obama, Clinton Agree to Share Presidency

The race for the Democratic presidential candidature in America took an unpresidented turn yesterday when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton decided to bury their differences and agreed to share presidency on a time-sharing basis.

Obama, who’s the current front runner in this race, after a stunning winning streak, reportedly extended the invitation to his party rival, and a previous front runner, Clinton. The move has created tremors in the Republican camp, which was watching all the fun from the sidelines, given that they have a clear candidature in John McCain.

Shortly after the deal was worked out between the two Democrats, Barack Obama addressed a joint rally with Mrs. Clinton, in Texas. He spoke first:

This is a defining moment. Our nation is at war. Our planet is in peril. Our American dream is slipping away. That is why, in this election, it is not enough to simply change parties in the White House. We have to fundamentally change our politics if we are going to make progress on the great challenges we face.”

As the crowd applauded, for what seemed like an eternity, he continued:

“Instead of continuing the same old divisive fights in Washington that are more about scoring political points than solving problems, we need leadership that inspires, energiszes, and mobilises the American people behind a common purpose. That’s how we’re finally going to build a new majority for change that can win in November. That is the true genius of America, a faith — a faith in simple dreams, an insistence on small miracles. And what better miracle than this — a joint President. Tonight we’re hoping, not for one, but three firsts this November — a first lady president, a first black president, and a first joint president of United States of America!”

As the stunned audience was caught in a “to clap or not to clap” dilemma, Mrs. Clinton took the center-stage.

“I do think that words are important and words matter,” she said “But actions speak louder than words. And today, we’ve left the empty words behind, and acted! We need a president who understands the magnitude and complexity of the challenges we face and has the strength and experience to address them from day one, a president who has faith that the American people and the American economy are up to the task. And it takes two to sc… (coughing) … two to believe”

A thunderous applause broke out after this.

The sources in Clinton camp said after the rally that this was a definitive proof, if ever needed, that the public support is with Mrs. Clinton, and that she should have never accepted this atrocious arrangement.

Obama camp was also equally displeased with Obama’s unilateral offer — especially after his recent winning streak. But those in the neutral camp seem to be much more sympathetic.

“It’s their last real chance to be the president of America”, a senior Democrat senator said, off the records. “But aren’t they both quite young? Surely they will have another chance?”, the reporter asked. “Oh well, we all know this is the last significant presidential election of America”, the Senator said. “In five years, American presidency will cease to matter”

Later, the Senator denied the comments saying he was quoted out of context. But since the comments were off-the-records in the first place, he couldn’t go on-the-records to refute them.


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