KPS Gill Blames IPL for the Hockey Debacle

KPS Gill, the Indian Hockey Federation chief, has blamed the IPL phenomenon for the debacle of Indian hockey. Indian hockey team suffered another humiliation after losing to England in the Olympics qualifiers finals. India needed to win the game to qualify for the upcoming Beijing Olympics. This is the first time in eighty years that India hasn’t qualified for the Olympics.

“It’s rubbish”, he said, dismissing the widespread criticism of his regime. “I am not killing Indian hockey. IPL is. First they stole our concept. Then to make it successful they fixed three events: the Twenty20 world cup, the tri-series and the U-19 world cup. All of this is conspiracy of the sponsors to get more eyeballs to cricket”, he explained.

“If India had won the Qualifying tournament, the glory would have taken some sheen off recent cricket triumphs. No wonder they’re trying everything to stop that from happening. They even did not let Sania Mirza play in India by creating controversies. It’s all a big conspiracy”

When questioned by reporter if he was alleging that hockey players were given money to lose, he said, “I will respond to these things at a later stage. But I’m sure everyone can see what is happening”

“But if that were the case, will the guilty players be punished swiftly?”, asked another reporter.

“We do not have an instant coffee machine to get results instantly” Mr. Gill retorted.

Defending against demands from various sections to resign, he said:

“What Indian hockey needs right now is care and affection. They need someone who can stay with them through everything. And if you look at the record of Indian hockey recently, there is only one man who fits the bill. And there are no prizes for guessing who that man is”

“In any case, prizes are the last thing on our mind right now”, said an IHF official on the condition of anonymity.


6 thoughts on “KPS Gill Blames IPL for the Hockey Debacle

  1. Hockey has changed, all the gold medals we won on grass, and today hockey is played on Astroturf. Since the introduction of AT, we haven’t even managed to reach the semi-finals of an international hockey tournament. Indian hockey has been going down hill for a long time now, But i guess this Olympic loss can act as a tipping point in Indian hockey & result in sweeping changes in the way we played our hockey and administrated it….. Gill should go………


  2. that picture in this post, saw it before. in newspaper and on different sites.. it rips apart something somewhere inside and I forget the rest *sigh*


  3. It’s high time the status of our National Game was changed from Hockey to Cricket.. I know there would be argument as to how many countries play Cricket Vs How many countries play Hockey.. How hockey is an Olympic standard game.. How we were once the undisputed champions of this glorious game.. blah blah blah.. But really does the current generation cares to watch a game of hockey ? Why not get hockey off the pedestal and let the players and officials breath easy for a while without having to be burdened with the ghosts of the past glory.


  4. Bumped into this post while I was googling for various information before writing my post on Cricket and Hockey.

    Where exactly did KPS Gill say this is all a conspiracy? You didn’t give any link, I was looking hard for it, coz the point i was making in my blog was related.

    And yeah Cricket should be the national game. I don’t even know why did they make Hockey the national game in the first place.


  5. Sanjukta,

    As a matter of principles and policy, Kandabatata does not reveal its news sources. We don’t want them to be jeopardized. All I can say is, look at the post tags.

    Kanabatata Editor.


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