PETA activists condemn Amir Khan

PETA activists have condemned Amir Khan for naming his dog after India’s biggest star, Shahrukh Khan. Amir recently wrote on his blog that “Shahrukh is the name of our dog”.

Speaking to Kanadabatata, a senior PETA activist expressed concerns over the dog’s emotional well-being.

“No animal can handle celebrity status. By naming his dog after SRK, Amir is putting a huge strain on his dog. In two days since he posted the entry, two hundred and twenty one reporters have tried to interview the dog. It’s an irresponsible act by one of the most respected actors in Bollywood”

When contacted Amir Khan said that he had nothing to do with naming him. “However, I strongly object to this lowly view of animals”, he insisted. “Any dog can handle celebrity”, he said.

Sources close to the actor say that the actor is undergoing a depression due to lack of media attention to him since the dog blog. The actor, who was in Panchgani for a holiday, has had nightmarish 2 days because of constant quarrels among the bitches in the area, and various TV channel crews who want “exclusive” interview of the dog.

SRK, meanwhile, has come in support of Amir Khan. In a statement released recently he said:

“It proves once again … not that it was ever needed to be proven, but still it proves … that I’m the number one star in the industry. And if someone wants name a dog after me, and not after Hrithik, or Abhishek, or Akshay, or even Amitji, PETA should not make a hue and cry about it.  Why even Amir Khan’s caretaker thought of me, and not Amir, when he named the dog. Doesn’t that prove, what never needed to be proven in the first place. As for the dog, inshallah, he will learn to cope with the fame”

Meanwhile the dog, unaware of its name, is silent.


One thought on “PETA activists condemn Amir Khan

  1. rotfl. I haven’t ever read Aamir Khan’s blog (don’t intend to either) but did read about this ‘(non) issue’ .. I feel like sending him a link of this post .. hehe .. its too good..


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