Congress workers brave commonsense

Kandabatata Crunchy Headline: Congress workers brave commonsense to mark Rahul Gandhi’s 38th Birthday

(Courtesy Indian Express Epaper)

In an emphatic display of courage, Congress workers in Dehli celebrated Rahul Gandhi’s 38 Birthday, braving commonsense.


2 thoughts on “Congress workers brave commonsense

  1. Super!! My biggest laugh-out loud moment was just a few seconds ago…to top an already funny picture is a tough job…and you are doing very well. Liked some other stories too…like the BCCI and Sachin one…and Taliban-Pamela one.

    Good find for me!


  2. How did i missed this ?! Succint caption.

    Am bit surprised they are not holding an umbrella over Rahul’s photo frame, as a mark of love & affection towards their young leader. A tad dis-respectful, I’d say , to let even his photo frame get drenched.


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