Bush Launches New Currency Notes to Fight the Financial Turmoil

American President, George W. Bush, has asked the U.S.Treasury to replace all the existing American currency notes with newly designed notes [Image below], to fight the impending depression and continual gloom. The new design was unraveled by the President himself, in a special press conference held by the President to restore confidence of the American people.

Aiming to be reassuring and to show that he is working on the problem, he said the markets are adjusting to the “extraordinary measures” that have been taken in recent days by the federal government.

“The American people can be sure we will continue to act to strengthen and stabilize our financial markets and improve investor confidence,” he said, as the huge LCD screen projected the image of the new Dollar bill.

New Currency
New Currency

“What the American people need right now, is faith. The American problem is the problem of diminishing faith – in God, the Bible, and the Government! We, the American people, have forgotten our official motto”, he said, fumbling, then looking at the screen and reading with a little difficulty, as he completed the sentence, “in God We Trust”.

But after that brief fumble, he resumed in his emphatic style.

“I’ve not doubt that God will save America, and its people, and I want to tell every doubting Thomas Jefferson that we take our belief in God quite seriously. That is why we’ve added an inscription “No Kidding”, on the currency notes, after our motto”

“These are the times for the young. And that is why we need an experienced President to take this country out of this financial crisis. The young people must feel that the country cares for them, their dreams, their lingo. And what better way to tell them that we care than to include one such youthful expression on our currency!”

On asked whether he thought these majors are enough to turn the things around, the President asked the journalist curtly:

“I believe in God. Don’t you?”


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