BCCI to Cancel all Tours Unless Sachin Declared the Best Batsman Ever

In a move that has sent shivers down the cricketing world, BCCI’s Chief Administrative Officer, Prof. Ratnakar Shetty, announced that BCCI has called off all its future tours, unless ICC rectifies injustice done to Indian batting maestro, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

Sachin walks off after dismissal
Sachin walks off after dismissal

ICC released its latest “all time great” rankings in which the Indian batting maestro figures 26th and 12th on the Test and ODI rankings, respectively. Reacting to the news, Navjyot Singh Sidhu, the former cricketer turned entertainer, alleged that this is just another proof of the racist attitude of ICC.

“It’s an open and shut case of racism against players from the sub-continent. Quite simple”, he insisted, talking to KandaBatata reporter. When questioned on Sangakkara making it to top 10 he said:

“One egg doesn’t an omelet maketh. It just means that the hen needs attention. Any monkey can come up with lists, but a monkey is best utilized by a madari, and not the other way round. Pull the purse strings, and the monkey will dance”

Andrew Symonds, the controversial Australian cricketer, and a fishing enthusiast, reportedly has taken offense at Sidhu’s comments.

“It’s clear to everyone who Sidhu is calling a monkey”, he told Australian TV channel, after another. “I’m consulting my lawyers about the possibility of legal action”

Meanwhile other cricketing greats, like Gavaskar, seemed little reluctant to talk on the issue. When asked what he thinks about the alleged injustice done to the Indian cricketing maestro he replied:

“You’ve to understand that lists are always going to be arbitrary. Let’s make no mistake about it. I mean I’ve featured in tens of lists, from anywhere between 1 and 10. It was a little shocking to see myself at 20, but, that the nature of lists”, he explained. When the reporter said, a little apologetically, he was asking about Sachin, Gavaskar added irritatedly that “I believe I have already answered the question”

ICC said that they have not received any formal intimation from BCCI about the cancellation of any tour, and that they cannot comment on alleged public statements to media, unless they have a “direct” communication or complaint from the said board. But, they insisted, that no country will be allowed to hold the game to ransom, and that they, just as in the past, will not bend to unreasonable demands.

Sources close to BCCI officials reveal that BCCI just wants to get an extra round of IPL organized in the latter half of the year, and is trying to corner ICC into a position where they can get a better bargain. However, KandaBatata never publishes unconfirmed or speculative news. Stay tuned for the updates.


One thought on “BCCI to Cancel all Tours Unless Sachin Declared the Best Batsman Ever

  1. does the kandaBatata team know the where abouts of Dhoni? Last reported, the BCCI was looking for him to lead the east zone side.


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