Met department to delay daily forecasts

The India Meteorological Department, or the Met Department, in a move to improve its terrible track record in daily weather forecasts, has decided to delay the forecasts by forty-eight hours.

“Normally, we forecast the day’s weather a day in advance”, the spokesman for the Met Department, while addressing a press conference, in Pune “However, we realized that we were being too aggressive. After much deliberation, we decided that we should prioritize on getting the predictions right, even if that means a couple of days of delay. We’re hoping to cut down the delay to just one day, but we’re not going to worry to much about that, at this point”

While answering the KandaBatata reporter’s question: “Have you considered upgrading the equipment, in the near term, to improve the prediticions?”, the spokesman answered in the negative.

“No. That’s out of question. In fact, with these new revisions in our methodology, we would hardly need any instruments. We’re expecting significant cost savings in maintenance, too”

Another reporter asked if there are any plans to auction out existing instruments, when the spokesman said that it’s under consideration.

“We’re definitely looking into it. However, there are a lot of security considerations to be taken into account. Besides, no one is sure how much the instruments are worth, if anything”

Public opinion is divided on the Met decision.

“On the one hand, everyone will welcome an accurate prediction. But unless we have time travel, a prediction that comes a day later will hardly be useful, except for historical purposes”, said blogger, on the promise of anonymity.

“It’s a welcome move. It’s high time we had some accurate predictions”, a consumer activist from Pune said. “No, I’m not worried about the timing. As it is, the predictions are worthless today”

[KBNN Report]


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