Alerts Against Austerity

There is new buzz in various departments at the IIT these days. Excitement runs high and there is an obvious flurry of activities. And the group responsible for this is a relatively unknown yet powerful citizen’s group called POWL (Protect Our Way of Life). POWL has recently funded an undisclosed amount to a group of IIT research students to work on new scanner.

“We are very protective about the hard life of the common man in India. It has been the way of life for years and significant sacrifices have been made to get to where we are”, explains Flogol Pinto, Secretary of POWL’s Mumbai chapter.

So, what exactly caused POWL to fund this project?

“The recent austerity drive that the politicians have started severely affects our hard way of life”, explains Pinto. “This project is to ensure that we maintain the standards of a life that has been achieved after so many sacrifices. What we will see now is an increase in politicians travelling economy class, using trains and driving beside us in peak hours. This device basically helps the common man identify the location of a politician and make alternative arrangements.”

Is POWL, then against politicians saving money?

“Not at all, however, with this austerity drive, what they are doing is disrupting our way of life. They will end up bringing security risks and their bad discipline in our everyday life. Flights and trains will be delayed; traffic will come to a complete stand-still. As more politicians travel alongside the common man, they threaten the security of the common man. We believe there are other ways to save money, interfering in the common man’s life is not the way. We’d rather pay more taxes than allow their use of public transport.”

One source in IIT, on conditions of anonymity, told in an exclusive to KBNN that the scanner, code-named PALERT uses cutting edge technologies from genetic engineering and recent advents in telecommunication nano-technology to identify the presence of politicians within a kilometre. Initial tests have been successful in parts and the research team is working on extending the range of this device to upto three kilometres.

The devices are expected to cost an equivalent of $300, however, other POWL sources informed us that, if necessary, they would subsidise the cost to ensure that the device was affordable to the common man. POWL plans to release the devices in the open market by March 2010

The second phase of the project will use GPS and GPRS/3G technology to relay live information of politician movement in the country via the PALERT devices.


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