Self professed twitteratti meets himself in an impromptu tweetup

A self professed twitterati called for an impromptu tweetup, but decided to meet himself instead, as no one turned up.

“This is the power of web 2.0”, he said, talking to KBNN reporter. “Each and every one of us is a virtual celebrity, with a virtual fan club”

How was the experience?

“Fantastic. Web 2.0 is really about you. Err. Me, actually. But you know what I mean? You are the most important person in your web 2.0 experience, and you should meet yourself every now and then, just to be in touch with yourself”, he added. “In the online world, it’s so much more difficult to meet yourself. All this while I’ve been following unknown people, or unknown people have been following me, but have I met myself? So this tweetup was an excellent idea for such impromptu meeting with myself”

But did he really think he was a twitter elite?

“You, from the old media school, will never understand it, will you?” he retorted. “Everyone is a celebrity here. Everyone is an elite”

But wouldn’t the follower count matter?

“Not in the real virtual world, although some poseurs seem to harp on it. In virtual world you can’t tell a difference between a bot and a human, so, naturally, all such metrics are by definition invalid there”

But surely, if no one turns up to meet you, you have no real or virtual fans …

“That’s a gross non-sequitur. All it proves is that I’m my biggest fan. And that’s quintessentially web 2.0”

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2 thoughts on “Self professed twitteratti meets himself in an impromptu tweetup

  1. Did you hear about the new website which offers to manage your online affairs after your death ?

    Apparently you can tweet / update your FB status long after you are gone.. by submitting your “Famous Last Tweets” in advance to this service provider. Also if you happen to die (without knowing well in advance, which is the case for most mortals) this agency would give you a proper online burial by killing all off your web 2.0 avatars..


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