Social Media Guru e-publishes his book on Social Media

Dave Greene, Social media guru (or Guru2.0 as he likes people calling him), has published the first edition (the 2.0 edition) of his book on social media explosion. The book will be available as an ebook, and right now it contains the table of contents.

“I’ve applied agile methodology for writing this book”, he explains, on his Facebook page.

The book, which will deal with issues such as effective management of your web-social life, productivity in the time of social media, and so on, has been in writing for last two years.

“Every time I think of diving deep into one of my chapters, I get a new idea”, he said. “I add the idea into my todo lists maintained on nine different sites — I’m still evaluating the best one — and use a social aggregator’s — I’m a pre-beta tester there — intelligent pull technology to consolidate, de-dup, and re-contextualize the todo lists, which I auto-push to four different semantic document generators to come up with cognition-oriented book outline. I publish the outline on my blog, posterous, tumblr, and then consolidate the comments/feedback using backtype, whose xml feed is again monitored by the aggregator”

“It’s been a hectic research”, he adds.

The table of contents runs close to 200 screens, as of the writing of this report. The rest of the book is full of article stubs that will be written with a single-handled collaboration, using a google wave that’s private, and editable by only Dave.

“It’s amazing, how collaborative tools increase your efficiency when there is no one to disturb you!” he said, talking to KBNN reporter.

When asked if he plans to publish it in paper format, Dave snickered at the idea. “Offline publishing is the thing of the past. It is not suited to the kind of dynamic writing that I do. I mean those who don’t own a Kindle are hardly the kind of readership that I’m looking for”

Dave is upbeat about a 3.0 edition with a more exhaustive table of contents, in an year’s time.

“That’s definitely doable, with all the social tech that I’m using”

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One thought on “Social Media Guru e-publishes his book on Social Media

  1. >> Offline publishing is the thing of the past. It is not suited to the kind of dynamic writing that I do.

    LOL ! Brilliant. Throughly enjoyed reading this. Am glad that you can laugh at all the nerdy stuff despite being a nerd yourself 😉
    It pain’s to see how much people enslave themselves with technology.


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