Tired of being misquoted, Tharoor to stop speaking truth in public

Tired of being misquoted by the mainstream media, and being subjected to ‘unjust’ ridicule because of it from the internet community, Shashi Tharoor, Minister of State for External Affairs, has vowed never to speak truth in public.

“It’s ridiculous, how the mainstream media in India misquotes anything that I say. It’s like they are talking to some other Shashi Tharoor. I’m sick and tired of the misquotes”

Angry Tharoor

The Minister recently was embroiled in another controversy, when he was quoting someone else but was quoted as quoting himself, instead.

“It’s crazy”, he said, “I can’t even quote anyone now, without the quote being attributed to me. I’ve decided enough is enough. From now on, I won’t speak a word of truth in public, lest it be misquoted!”

How does he plan to be an External Affairs Minister, if he doesn’t speak truth in public?

“Are you kidding me? Has any Minister for External Affairs ever spoken truth in public?” he asked the KBNN reporter.

When asked if he is speaking the truth this time he shrugged.

“I will answer only if you promise to misquote me”, he said.

Does his party support his decision?

“The Congress party has always stood by me, even when I was speaking the truth”, he said, “there is no reason why they should have any issues now that I’m refusing to speak the truth. I am not breaking any party Code of Conduct”

The Congress spokesperson has refused to comment on this latest development.

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