Three Million Social Media Experts Waiting for Someone to Listen to them

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Close to a three million (as of last counting) self-acclaimed Social Media Experts (SMEs) are waiting for someone to listen to them for once, reports KBIN (KandaBatata Information Network).

“It’s quite disheartening!”, said Andrew T who tweets under the id websocial2M, “I have spent hours and hours analyzing this phenomenon of social media, from every conceivable angle, but the moment I publish my findings, I have these thousands of people coming and commenting on it. I mean, some of these are fresh out of school kids who don’t know the SM of social media! No pun intended… And yet that doesn’t stop them from questioning my well reasoned hypothesis”

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Andrew T is not alone.

More and more SMEs are finding it difficult to tell anyone their opinion on the future of Social Media, without getting earfuls of opinions in return. The common complain coming from these SMEs is this:

“Everyone wants to have a say! No one wants to listen”

Shasha, another SME whose twitter profile says “Social Media Guru, Serial Social Entrepreneur, Loving Wife, and Mother of three”, agrees:

“I have co-founded twelve social media startups in last four years, and yet, I am routinely contradicted by people whose only credentials, if you can call them that, are singing up for a hundred social media sites. I mean, what do they know about social media?”

Rvind, questions people like Shasha when he says: “Social Media is about consumers, not about creators. Certainly not about people who have a string of failed startups as their only credentials. Maybe their startups failed because they didn’t know anything about social media: they never used it the way I do, on an everyday basis. They won’t be able to count the number of services I’m using actively, because by the time they count, I’d have registered to a new one!”

But these schisms apart, the whole SME community is unanimous about the lack of genuine ‘followers’, who’ll take their expert opinion unquestioningly.

“No one wants to follow the experts”, laments Maneesh from Singapore, “everyone wants to add their two cents to every discussion. I mean, save your frigging two cents! The rate at which you’re throwing them, you’ll be penniless in no time”, he added mixing metaphors with currencies.

Will some web 1.0 kind of hierarchy help?

“Don’t quote me on this”, said an SME, who didn’t want to be attributed, “but I think we need some of that. When we pushed for social media, I don’t think anyone seriously bargained for a world where you’re same as anyone else. Right now, the single biggest problem of web 2.0 is lack of authority”

But won’t that be an anathema to the concept of Web 2.0? Expert opinion is divided.

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