Man Uses One SarcMark® Too Many, Is Sacked

Rob Goodwin got the bitter aftertaste of cutting edge technology, when he used one SarcMark® too many. Rob, who was frustrated that his boss did not get sarcasm, was excited by the news of standardized emoticon for sarcasm — the ‘SarcMarks®’, and being an early adapter, decided to use it in his emails to this boss, Don.

“I was really excited by this technology. Finally, I thought, I could get these nitwits in the upper management to understand that I’m being sarcastic”

Rob had got two consecutive pay-cuts, because Don, who had hard time spotting sarcasm, had take his words — that he was ‘obscenely’ well paid — at face value.

“When I saw the SarcMarks® in his mail, I wondered what the hell are those? Not a single sentence in his mail was without those funny marks. For a moment I thought his mail client has been popping in some non-standard characters in the mail. Then I asked Ashok, and he told me about SarcMarks®. Now I get it! The #$%%$ has been talking to me sarcastically, all these years. I mean, all these years he’s telling me he’s happy with me, and think of me as a‘great boss, and a kind human being, and that he adores his work: all of it was just plain old sarcasm!”,  Don told KBNN when contacted.

Did his termination letter have any SarcMarcs®, in return?

“That never occurred to me!” said Don.

Was he afraid to use the cutting edge technology, after this incident, we asked Rob.

“Not really. I mean, I sure know now why they call it bleeding edge technology, but hey, at least I got the idiot to finally see some light at his own expense”, said Rob, who purportedlypurchased the SarcMarks® using Don’s technology budget.

Will he still use SarcMarks® in the future?

“I hope not. I mean, I hope I won’t be working with people who are that dimwitted, ever again. But then you never know!”

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