Bal Thackerey Wants Rest-of-India removed from India

Angry with the anti-Indian attitude of Rest-of-India, the Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray wants ‘rest of India’ removed from India.

“It boils my blood. Only in Mumbai do you see anyone wanting to stop screening a movie by a traitor. This anti-Indian attitude of the rest of India is really disturbing”

Thackeray, who recently expressed his deep anguish over anti-Marathi attitude of Marathi people which he identified as the main reason of Shiv Sena’s defeat in the assembly elections, was in no mood to forgive the ‘traitors’.

“I say, throw it out. India does not need rest of India, if they don’t believe in India”

But shouldn’t people have the right to decide what they watch?

“Rubbish. If you let people decide what to watch, you think they’ll watch anything but porn? Why don’t you put porn on big screens? The whole point is that people don’t know what’s good for them. See, in last elections Marathi manoos rejected Shiv Sena. You want such people to decide what they should watch? And who should rule them? Nonsense”

But what will remain of India if rest of India is thrown out?

“If only Matoshree remains of India, so be it. But we won’t tolerate any traitors”


2 thoughts on “Bal Thackerey Wants Rest-of-India removed from India

  1. You all maharashtrians are just one and the same. It is good to see a filthy ghati like you, write a ‘ghati’ blog (oh, a guy in the drainage knows he is in drainage at least), and another one ‘kandabatata’, that is what you roadside dwellers can afford.

    You and along with your leaders are just the same, no sense, no brain nothing. I think you guys would be perpetually be like this, ghatis living alongside roads and working in city buses, as auto drivers, in police and ST mahamandal. I haven’t seen you folks ever in the middle class of India, just in the lower middle class, and representing that lower middle class filthy culture (of which you are also one).

    Maharashtrians will never stop crying, no matter what. Your last posts talk are all sarcastic, esp. the one on rickshaw drivers. Autos run on petrol, but you guys want something to crib as always, that they dont run on petrol, they run on kerosene, and it adds to city’s pollution and you are a holier than thou saint. No wonder Raj Thackeray got followers by this sarcasm technique, we are marginalized, we are subjugated and so on.

    Keep writing, oh Marathi Manoos.


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