Women’s Day At Oscars, says India’s Leading English Daily

A leading English daily, in a special report on this years Academy awards, has declared that it was women’s day at the Oscars.

“It was women’s day at Oscars this year, with women winning awards for Best Actress in Leading Role, Best Actress in supporting role, along with Best Director award”, read the report, and went on to discuss the unprecedented sweep of the Academy awards by women, who accounted for a half of Individual awards at the ceremony.

“It’s indeed a proud day for women”, said pinky_ch over emailed comments. “It was high time women won the Best Actress award”

“It’s premature to feel happy”, insisted xx_chromosome, in another comments. “We must not celebrated till a women wins the Best Actor Award”

The responses from males were more varied.

Metrox agreed that this was huge, “I cried. It was soooo inspiring”

But beer_buddy was cynical. “Yeah right. Who gives a damn about stupid film awards?”


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