First BlogSchool Dropout Becomes a Successful Writer

Till a few months back, Ajay Sinha, or a-sin as he was known to the few people who followed his blog, was a regular, failed writer/blogger, with the curious distinction of being the first BlogSchoolTM dropout. His blog, like thousands of other blogs on the blogosphere, was a failure on every blog metric: reach, visibility, traffic, follower count, monetization, focus, throughput. Fed up with the constant sense of failure that was eating him, he decide to start afresh, and decided to approach blogging with serious discipline.

In April, last year, Ajay enrolled into BlogSchoolTM, a virtual university, where people are taught the science behind successful blogging. A six month intensive training course, conducted by India’s most successful bloggers and social entrepreneurs, stood between Ajay and a successful blogging un-career. Little did he know, that destiny had something else in store for him.

It was in August, four months into the BlogSchoolTM, that defining moment for Ajay came. A public dispute with some of the most high profile Indian Blogging Gurus earned him a suspension from the BlogSchoolTM. Under the policy of BlogSchoolTM, which Ajay had signed without reading (a habit he learned in his pre-BlogSchoolTM days), Ajay was forbidden to use his earlier avtars while he was undergoing BlogSuccessTM training. BlogSchoolTM handed Ajay a 6 week suspension for blatantly using his old a-sin personality in online debate about BlogSchoolTM, following which, dejected Ajay left the BlogSchoolTM, without completing BlogSuccessTM training. He was the first (and till date the only) dropout of the BlogSchoolTM.

Come October, Ajay closed down all his blogs, and decided to write a book about his failures. Wired Out, his book on his depressing journey as a blogger, and the first-hand account of institutionalized anti-blogging culture of BlogSchoolTM, that resulted in his five suicide attempts in 3 months. The book, published by Walrus Publishing India, became an instant success, with hoards of failed bloggers buying that book.

“It made me cry”, said choker-the-joker, who quit blogging after failing to achieve any success in eight years. “The elite-bloggers, and their you-scratch-my-back-i’ll-scratch-yours culture, their group-ism and page-view-snobbery, it’s all there”

“It was long overdue”, said @nitawit, on her twitter page, “this parda-faash, on Indian blah-go-sphere. kudos @a_sin”

When contacted, the BlogSchoolTM press agent was happy to comment.

“Just a four month stint with us has taught Mr. Ajay a lot. Just imagine, if he had stayed for the full course. BlogSuccessTM stays with you, even if you shrug off its influence”

Ajay was philosophical about it.

“What I’ve realized through this is that behind every success there is a failure”


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