Buoyed by Rise in Rankings, Sania to Skip More Tournaments

Buoyed by her recent rise in rankings, after a forced break due to wrist injury, India’s ace Tennis player Sania Mirza has decided to take more breaks in future.

“I’m very happy with my progress over last few weeks. I’ve been able to stay out of sport — on and off filed”, said Mirza, talking to KBNN.

Ms. Mirza, who recently announced her plans to wed Pakistan’s cricketer, Shoaib Malik, has the the distinction of being in the news, no  matter what she does, and does not do.

Moving Up
Tough Life of a Celebrity

“The media gaze is sometimes hard to handle. While fans adore you, the flip side of fame is that there are people who take pleasure in writing you off, after every single defeat. And my popularity has meant I’ve a large number of detractors too. But with this rise in rankings, I’ve shown everyone that I’m not just a pretty girl who happens to play tennis”

What about tennis after marriage? Does she plan to keep playing?

“I think I will try this new strategy for a while. I plan to skip a few tournaments, and move up a bit in the rankings. That will give me enough leeway to lose in first/second rounds of Grand Slam tournaments to players much below in rankings. Of course, there is always the risk of losing endorsements, when you’re not playing. It’s a little unfair that even after going up in rankings, your endorsements have to suffer. So eventually, I’ll have to play a few matches, too”

“It’s unavoidable, I guess. But such is life”, she added philosophically.


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