Heavy Rains Probably Related to Monsoon: IMD

Source: KBNN, Pune

Indian Met Department (IMD) yesterday entertained the possibility that the rains that lashed the city on Monday, Jun 14th, could probably be monsoon showers.

Monsoon Waiting for IMD Approval

“We have lost track of the monsoon in the last two weeks, and we have no idea where it is”, said IMD spokesman Mr. Y. B. Pawar, talking about the downpour in Pune that saw 60 mm of rains in just about an hour, on Monday evening. Most of the city’s pathetic systems predictably collapsed in the wake of the brutal showers, bringing the life in city to a standstill, however no one noticed the difference.

“This certainly looks like monsoon, to a lay observer,” conceded Mr. Pawar, adding “but we at IMD do not go by what everyone feels. Our systems and our experts will analyze the data over the next few months, and only then can we conclusively say whether [those] rains actually qualify to be classified as monsoon”

When asked by KBNN reporter if it has got anything to do with the recent reports in Newpapers about MET department getting most of its predictions wrong over the last ten years?

Venice of the East

“I won’t comment on slander like that”, said a visibly angry Mr. Pawar. “MET¬†department has rarely failed to identify monsoons as monsoons. Over the last few years we have correctly differentiated between monsoons, pre-monsoons, and post-monsoons. No other MET department in the world can make such a fine distinction, let alone, so consistently”

Meanwhile on the question of whether the monsoons will be good this year, Mr. Pawar was cautious.

“That depends on how we classify these showers. If these are pre-monsoon showers, then we might be heading for the worst June monsoon averages for last fifty years. But if it’s indeed monsoon showers as everyone believes them to be, we might have the best June monsoon averages for a couple of decades”

Everyone is waiting with a baited bait for IMD’s final verdict, which is expected by end of September.


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