Google Unveils Fake Pages (TM)

Google, the leader in internet search technology, has pushed the horizon for search further by creating the pages that you want to search, in case they do not exist.

“For us, a user leaving the site without finding the pages that she was looking for, is a failure. We rarely see that user again on Google. Typically, Google is the first and the last refuge of users searching for information on the net, and if they cannot find what they’re looking for, they are disillusioned not just with Google, but with the internet itself. And that’s a loss for Google”, said Amit Singhal, a fellow at Google, who is widely acknowledged as the master of Google’s Ranking Algorithm.

“Enter Fake Pages (TM), and Google is blurring the line between search and well, non-search”, said Mr. Singhal.

Fake Pages (TM) feature, which will be rolled out to users based on Google’s prediction of their desperateness for finding something relevant, based on their browsing personality recorded by Google, will create exactly the kind of pages that the user was hoping to find, and instantly display them to the user.

“Once this is rolled out to everyone, no one will turn away from Google disillusioned with search. And that’s a gain for internet as a whole”, said Mr. Singhal.

But doesn’t this violate all the rules of what a search is supposed to be?

“With personalized search, we’ve already violated most rules of what a search engine should be. We already guess what you want, and prioritize it over what could be more obvious result of the query, universally. What you don’t want, we bury it deep into inner recess of the searchdom. We already put you in a bubble. Now, we’re just going to make you believe there is a bubble, where there isn’t one. The end result is what is important, and that is, you, a search user, walks away happily, to return, or doesn’t walk away in the first place. All other rules are there to be broken”, said a Google Guru on conditions of anonymity (sic!).

But will a user be happy, if she realizes that the pages are fake?

“Google’s prediction engine will predict if a user will be happy or unhappy with Fake Pages (TM), and what you will get will depend on the feedback from the prediction engine. If you’re a kind of person who never cares about reality much, you’ll see more Fake Pages (M), than those who are little demanding on that front. The Fake Pages (TM) for the latter group will be that much more subtle, but few. Over the time, no one will know what’s fake and what’s real. And everyone will be happier for it”

#fakepages is now trending on twitter, with mixed reactions from the twitterrati. Some think of this as just another logical step towards Google’s plans of  world domination, while others are excited that this will finally kill Bing.

“Bing(o)! Do I feel lucky?  Well, do ya, punk?”, read a tweet by @bing_hater. “How will you steal these pages?”


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