New Nostradamus Prophecy Predicts Itself

A team of french researches has stumbled upon manuscripts containing yet unknown Nostradamus prophecies. The new set, apart from predicting cloning, Osama’s death, Anna Hazare movement, and Paul the Octopus (“in the waters, in the transparent chamber\ the eight legged Paul will predict before its death\ the fate of those who run after a bloated balloon \ while those on sidelines swear at each other”).

But the most astonishing prophecy seems to be about himself.

In the decade after the Two Brothers fall, and sister with flame mourns,
will the skeptics finally relent and accept the prophet, 
for he has predicted, fools reading in his poems, all that’s happened,
and this one prophecy, they could not doubt

Already, internet is ablaze with former skeptics praising the famous prophet for his latest prophecy. Urban Legends, the internet site that discusses various hoaxes, rumors, myths, has acknowledged the latest prophecy as ‘undeniably true’, as opposed to its former dismissive treatment of the controversial prophet.

Former believers of Nostradamus, on the other hand, are claiming the prophecy a practical joke by skeptics, and refuse to believe that the manuscripts are genuine.


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