Microsoft’s 32GB Surface Pro Will Have Some Usable Space

Microsoft has clarified that their 32GB Surface tab will actually have some usable space left for users. The company categorically denied the rumors going around that the Surface will come with no space for users to store their media, and other data. Recently, TechDirty published an article claiming that, if users upload any music or take any photographs with the device and save them, it would actually eat into space formerly used by the Window RT system related files, and that the device will start showing unexpected behaviors, like replacing the app icons with user photos, or music application launched when one clicks the mail icon, and so on. 

Image“It would have been good if the software were to warn user that saving this content may eat into Windows RT”, said TechDirty’s gadget expert, Nathan Whiz, hinting that, they could have even added their much talked about : “Are you sure you want to do this [Yes/No]”? dialog box. 

Rubbishing the article Microsoft spokesman said that he can guarantee that there is at least a couple of GBs worth of usable memory on the tablet.

“I’d just caution against HD videos at this point”, he added. 

Will the 64GB version fix the problem? 

“Partly, yes”, said the spokesman. “We’ve compressed the OS to about 50GB  for the 64GB version. Windows RT has a tendency to expand to whatever storage is available on the device, but we’ve worked very hard to make sure that it will keep some usable space on every device with 32GB or more internal storage. With 128GB Surface, for instance will defnitely have around 30GB for your media. So much for the rumors!”

Prospective users are thrilled, though. Who needs storage on the device? Surface is not for your usual Android/Apple timepass device. Think office. Think, umm, whatever you work on. And all of that will be online. Frankly too much noise is made about nothing”, insisted CoolBill, in comments on Techdirty article.

Other uses, who intend to also use Surface for mundane things like media, are waiting for 1TB tablet, that they hope will fix the space issue. Microsoft is rumored to be working Windows PlusOne (TM) OS for that.




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