Asaram Bapu Says Disciple has no Faith

Reacting to media questions about his alleged assault on his disciple, Aman Singh Dangi, Asaram Bapu said that he is saddened by the lack of faith all around.

 “It’s a sign of a kankar pravrutti (graceless mentality)” insisted the God-man. “Guru is God. And God kicks in many ways. I’ve taught my disciples to accept the wrath of God, and to purify themselves from the sins which caused the wrath. But this generation of nikamme youth just does not understand the power of faith and prayer”

The God-man who recently created a minor controversy over his remarks on the Delhi rape victim,  is generally gaining reputation for his amazing knowledge of cuss words and insults (he allegedly even insulted yamraj, the Hindu God of death).Image

“The fact that he went to the media, which is just a bunch of haramkhors, proves his lack of faith in the God”, added the God-man, talking about the disciple. “If he were a true disciple, on being kicked from the front, he would have offered his pichwada. It would have made his faith stronger” 


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