Moily proposes to shut down his brain from 9 AM to 9 PM as austerity measure

India’s oil minister Verappa Moily has proposed to shut down his brain from 9AM to 9PM to curb expensive waste of thinking that’s number one problem for India’s UPA government.

Image“It’s just a proposal”, he said, talking to press conference, “that I made to the Prime Minister. We’ve not decided”, he added.

Will he be using his brain for making the decision?

“I cannot say for certain. As a government we’ve made many decisions without using our brains, so it won’t be completely new if I decided to make the decision with my brain shut down”, said the minister.

Has he practiced it in the past?

“Just recently, I made a few proposals with my brain shut off”, said the minister, “which are sitting in some files in Prime Minister’s office”

Is he worried the files will be lost?

“We’re an austere government, and sometimes when the toilets do not have enough wipes, PMO does supply papers from the files to be used instead. I suppose there is always a risk a few proposals will be washed down that way, but that’s the price of austerity”

BJP leader Arun Jaitely welcomed the move. “There is a question of whether Indian constitution allows Ministers to shut down their brains, that needs to be looked into, but it may be a good move on behalf of the ruling party”, then added, “In any case, not many brains are working in the current government. So we may not see much difference”

PMO office was not available to talk to KandaBatata. We should not speculate that it has anything to do with Kanda in the name which goes against the austerity theme.


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