Congress to Charge Rs. 6 for Rahul Gandhi’s Rallies and Provide Free Rahul Masks

Following on the footsteps of BJP who cImageharged people Rs. 5 for attending Narendra Modi’s rally in Hydrabad, Congress Minster Shashi Tharoor today tweeted that Congress will charge Rs. 6 per person for attending Rahul Gandhi’s election rallies.

“It’s a open and shut case of copycat politics”, insisted BJP president Rajnath Singh.

“Unlike BJP, who do not give anything in return for the ticket“, countered Tharoor, “we will be providing a Rahul mask to everyone who attend the rallies”

“If I am to dream their dreams, then I need to see myself in them”, said Rahul Gandhi, addressing young party cadres. “Just imagine a crowd full of Gandhis. They can kill one Gandhi, but if the nation dreams a collective dream that Gandhi dreamed, and which now I’m dreaming on the behalf of those who don’t know what to dream, then we’ll all be living in a dream world”

Ravi Shankar Prasad ridiculed the move saying “Those masks are just to hide from media the bored faces of those that Congress pays to attend Rahul’s rallies. I’m sure Congress is actually paying them to attend the rallies, as has been the tradition of the party, and that’s why people are ready to spend six rupees for listening to Rahul”

Unfazed by the criticism, Rahul Gandhi addressed his last free election rally in Udaipur, and according to the TV media, enthralled the audiences with recitation of his poem inspired by Khalil Girban’s words.

Your dream are not your dreams
they are dreams and nightmares
of scions of the Gandhi family
They come to you
but not from you
and though you dream them
yet they belong not to you

Narendra Modi had this to say on his twitter timeline: “yeh to janta ko decide karna hai ki kaun jyada ROI deta hai” (It’s for people to decide who gives a better ROI). “Hum to sarkar ke nakaab utarenge, janta ko chadhayenge nahin” (We’ll tear the masks off government, not make people wear them).

Digvijay Singh is reportedly unhappy that anyone and everyone will get to wear Rahul Gandhi masks.


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