Priests Should Rather Engage in Pedophilia than Preaching – Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins, prominent atheist and biologist, today advised Vatican priests and nuns that they should rather engage in pedophilia than preach religion to the young children.

“Religion causes a lasting, and all pervading harm to its subjects whereas pedophilia causes just a fleeting harm, at least mild pedophilia, as I can testify from my experience”

Adding that the whole Vatican sex abuse scandal was really a misguided outrage Dawkins insisted that parents of young children should be more concerned about what is being done to the minds of impressionable youth by exposing them to caustic effects of religion, when everyone seems to be just concerned with what someone did with their bodies.

“The questions no one is ready to ask is: millions of young children are being exposed to delusional thinking by parents and preachers alike, so why are we so obsessed with some sex scandals that affect only a few of those — whose minds are thoroughly f***d by those priests and nuns anyways. If these children were taught critical thinking instead, like I taught myself very early in life, they would not be bothered much by some touching and feeling up, or spanking — by anyone, not just priests”

Insisting that people needed to understand the difference between carnal and faith, Dawkins advised parents to guard their children against the risk of faithfully-transmitted-diseases, rather than teaching them about STDs which are fleeting if detected early.

Grow up bug-heads
Who speaks for patients of faithfully-transmitted-diseases?

“The key issue is, unlike many STDs, which are completely curable by modern medicine, most faithfully-transmitted-diseases, like religion, are neither preventable by vaccines, nor can they be cured by any modern drug. Most patients have to live with this chronic disease all their lives, as early exposure to these faithfully-transmitted-diseases weaken the other human immune system called thinking”

Reacting to the accusation from religious people and atheists alike, that he was getting delusional, he said:

“Delusion is an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality, whereas my claim that mild pedophilia does not cause lasting harm, is a testable claim, and I’ve tested it”

But isn’t that a very small sample? Isn’t it possible that it has caused lasting harm to others?

“There are people abducted out of their homes at the age of four and enlisted for jihaad in Pakistan, there are women donated to Gods in India — the temple prostitutes, women get stoned because someone raped them in much of Arab world, people died of inquisitions throughout the Christian world. So if some guys cannot handle being touched here and there thirty or fifty years ago, then all I can tell them is: grow up, or at least grow a thicker skin”

“Only minds can be corrupted, not body”, he tweeted later.



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