AAP Institutes the Ministry of Unlaw

Arvind Kejariwal of the Aam Aadami Party today announced that they’ve instituted an Unlaw Ministry to tackle the problem of the rift between the Aam Aadami and the law of the land.

Unpress Conference
Unpress Conference

“The Ministry of Law is a colonial ministry with a purpose to keep the aam adami away from the law, and it’s an anathema to self-raj. And Aam Aadami Party stands for the right of people to choose what they want their law to be. If they choose lynching, who are we, the servants of the people, to decide if it’s legal or not”, said Arvind Kejariwal in a press conference after the recent controversy regarding Nigerian women.

“People will decide who will have safety and rights, and who don’t”, he said.

The Aam Aadami Party, the only party with four A’s in it’s name, has also announced it’s plans to start a lynching helpline in the capital.

“There are plans to setup a 24×7 lynching helpline”, said the Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharati, who is supposed to resign from the post, to take on the new role in the all new Ministry of Unlaw, “where any aam aadami can call up if they want someone lynched, and the Ministry of Unlaw will assist them with the lynching”

Commenting on the recent controversy he said, “Aam Aadami party came to power to empower the common man, and that’s what we are doing. We are with the people, and for the people. There is no law beyond people’s law”

“Just wait and see what all changes Aam Adami Party is planning to implement, before judging us”, said Kejariwal, defending actions of his cabinet members, “even we don’t know what those changes are. That’s the whole idea of Swaraj. It’s not about my vision, or plan, or of the party. It’s the people’s plan. People’s wishes. Do use the lynching helpline and let us know the feedback. It’s going to change India”





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