Federer Inspired to Act in Bollywood Movies after Watching Amir Khan Play Tennis

Roger Federer, who had a friendly match with superstar Amir Khan during his trip to India for ITPL, was all excited by the superstar’s commitment to his profession.

“When I watched him being his character, even while playing tennis, I thought this is exactly the kind of commitment I have shown all my life”, said Federer, obviously impressed by Amir Khan’s PK face during the exhibition match. “It’s like he’s living his character all the time”

PK and Federer in an exhibition match


In fact he is so impressed, that the former world number 1 Tennis player said that he is contemplating a stint in Bollywood after his retirement from the sport.

“I have heard a lot about Amir, and how he practices tirelessly for a role, even after the shooting is complete. That is exactly how I am with tennis. And I thought, gee, if I put in as many hours practicing acting, I may have a real chance to succeed in Bollywood. And I thought, like, wouldn’t that be awesome?”

But has he watched any Bollywood films?

Whoa! I’m gonna enter Bollywood!

“No. Not yet. But I’m super-excited to watch Amir’s new movie. It seems exiting enough — especially the poster. During our conversations Amir told me that in the movie, there is, like, no transistor. That would be awesome to watch, right?”, he added.



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