HRD Ministry asks nation to celebrate Margadarshak Day on 29th Feb

KBNN has (exclusively) got hold of an HRD Ministry memo to all government bodies to  prepare for celebrating 29th February as Marga Darshak Day. This should put an end to the controversy caused by a report in the leading English language daily which alleged that HRD had planned to celebrate the day on the same day as the Valentine’s day (Feb 14th). The official HRD ministry twitter handle had strongly condemned the report as malicious.


“The government feels that today’s youth badly need margadarshan from the elders, and so has decided to create events around this idea. On the day elderly politicians of the ruling party will address the nation and share their wisdom with the youth”, said an HRD ministry spokesperson, explaining the idea behind the day.

The day is to be celebrated every year on 29th February, except for leap year, when the day will be converted into “Swayamshoda Day”, said the spokesperson. “On the Swayamshod Day, all the senior politicians (except those in cabinet) will be asked to keep a maun vrat (vow of silence), and to find out their inner voice. Ministers will address the children on the day and educate them about the contribution of elderly politicians to the progress of the country, and on the mistakes that the young could learn to avoid from the elders.

External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj, was all praise about the plans.

“This is a laudable project by the HRD ministry, with the backing of our Honorable Prime Minister”, she said, “This country needs the services of its elderly politicians. And what better way to put to use their experience than to help youth of the country, including young politicians, to find the right path. No job in the country is more important than that, and BJP is the only party to recognized this. Even at the cost of loss of experienced hands in the cabinet, we have freed elderly politicians to pursue a higher purpose of showing the right doors and paths to people”

Responding to the controversy on the date, HRD Minister Smriti Irani categorically denied that it was planned for February 14th initially, rubbishing reports that the ministry was considering abolishing the Valentine day.

“It’s unfortunate that such rumors are being circulated without seeking any clarification from the ministry”, she said on her Facebook wall. “There are no plans to abolish Valentine’s day”. Denying the allegation that flower merchants were asked to send all roses to make Gulkand (an ayurvedic medicine) on the Valentine’s day, the minister insisted that it was voluntary initiative started by the government for the flower merchants to make good use of the flowers which are wasted on the day.

margadarshaks celebrating
Finally a Day for the Marga Darshaks!


“It’s true that the youth need marga darshan. It’s also true that Valentine’s day is a total waste of India’s human resources, and youth need to be shown the right path away from such waste, but HRD ministry does not believe in forcing anyone”

Reporters from KBNN tried to contact L. K. Advani and M. M. Joshi for their comments, but could not reach them.

“They’re very busy these days”, said a not-so-senior member of the party, “it’s a lot of work to mentor the younger party members, you know”.

[With inputs from Random Blogger]


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