We’ve Fixed the Polls, Believe in Them Now – BJP

A day after BJP star campaigner Mr. Narendra Modi, and BJP election expert Mr. Amit Shah dismissed opinion polls as unreliable, BJP spokesperson today claimed that polls have been fixed now, and it’s okay to believe in them for now.

Ignore opinion polls. Err, don’t ignore. Err, too many clerical errors.

“We saw that most polls were inaccurately giving the AAP majority in the Delhi assembly elections, which was absolutely wrong, which we brought to the notice of concerned people. It was a clerical error on parts of the agencies, and they have all corrected their polls now”, said the spokesperson citing the new poll data that unanimously, and uniformly give BJP 36 seats, the exact simple majority that it needs to give a stable government.

“It’s good to see the polls are now reflecting what we already know”, said a high ranking party official. “We were always sure the polls will see it our way eventually”

When we tried to contact various BJP leaders who had questioned the efficacy of opinion polls just a day before we got no answers, but we were able to get some off-the-record comments.

“BJP as a party believes in correcting what is wrong. Be it our vision document, or the opinion polls. If there are clerical mistake, we will fix them. We will get the polling agencies to apologize to the voters for the clerical errors”, said one senior party official.

Isn’t it little surprising that 5 polls are predicting exact same number of seats for the BJP?

“Absolutely not. Der aaye durust aaye (it happened late, but it’s righted now)”, said a young volunteer.

“What is strange is not that they are predicting the same number, but that the number is wrong. Our internal surveys are predicting 51 seats”, said another volunteer.

But isn’t that what the AAP’s internal survey predicting for AAP?

“That’s a clerical error that we can’t get fixed”, retorted the volunteer.

We’re still waiting to hear from BJP top brass on whether to believe in opinion polls or not.


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