VHP Blames Shani-Mangal Yog for BJP’s Delhi Drubbing

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad, in a press release today, blamed a secular conspiracy with the collusion of the Election Commission for the the total decimation of the Bharatiya Janata Party in the Delhi assembly elections.

“The enemies of Hindus have united and they scheduled the elections on a Saturday — a well known “nakartyacha waar” (the day of those who do not work). The wrath of the Shani God has cost BJP this election”, said the press release.

“To make it worse, the counting day was Tuesday, and we all know how inauspicious the mangal is. How is it possible that the Election Commission of India did not know that? What was the need for such scheduling? It’s clearly a nidharmi conspiracy”

“In fact, the VHP had advised the BJP not to avoid elections till April to avoid the Shani sade-saati dosha, that hurt the BJP in J&K, but due to collusion of the nidharmi forces, February polls could not be prevented”

The Real Doshas: Why BJP Lost

India’s ruling party, which has been on a spree of winning elections, since mid last year, received a serious blow in Delhi where it was reduced to low single digits, against a party that’s barely two years old, and was decimated by them just nine months back in the parliamentary elections.

“We are going to demand that the PM creates an ordinance that will force the Election Commission to pick auspicious days for elections and counting. India is a Hindu rashtra and our traditions cannot be ignored anymore. In India, even a marriage, or a naming ceremony, does not happen without consulting a panchang (religious calender), so how can elections that can change the course of the country be scheduled without one? We will not tolerate this”, said the press release.

When asked how are the days more auspicious for the party that won, VHP spokesperson said that mangal and shani do not have effect on nirdharmis. They only affect the moral, the dharmic, and not the immoral, the lairs, and thieves. No wonder we have the latter triumphing in these elections”

“Look at the Loksabha elections, except for 12th April, none of the polling days were Tuesday/Saturday. And counting day was Friday. They thought that it wouldn’t matter, but look at the results. No wonder they made sure that elections this time are scheduled on days that will hurt the BJP most”


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