Freedom of Limiting Expression

We’ve had enough! We at KandaBatata have really had enough of this “freedom of expression” debate. Let us state our stance on the petty issue for once and all. This freedom of expression is an imported concept, that’s not worth the paper it’s printed on. Sorry? No one prints it on a paper? How is that even relevant?

Freedom of expression is like sex. Just as sex breeds more and more people who want more and more sex, FoE breeds more and more of those who want their FoE. That’s why, as sex needs condoms to stop the run away process, we need laws to curb FoE. Especially the expression that goes against majority. Democracy demands that the majority cannot be mocked. The majority is always right. Even when it chooses Beiber. There can be no exceptions. Mocking those majority chooses as their idols is like mocking the majority, hence by definition anti-democracy. It has to be stopped. It’s okay to ridicule linguistic, regional, racial, or other minorities, and their cherished beliefs. Think about how bland life would be without sardar jokes, rape jokes about nuns, jokes about quotas, and jokes about excesses of feminism. Jokes about patriarchy on the other hand are so lame (the reason why no one makes them), and offensive. They must be stopped (even when no one is making them). They are against majority sentiment. So anti-democracy, anti-Indian-culture (which is just a short for majority culture).

Note that it’s the principle that’s more important here, not what the majority chooses. Sorry, did you say p0rn? That’s wrong. Because it’s proven that Indians do not choose p0rn. To suggest that is anti-democracy. Besides, it is again a western import that Britishers forced on us in the name of Victorian morality. So it must be banned. It’s just freedom of expression by another name.

Let us repeat: we don’t need freedom of expression (FoE). We need freedom of limiting expression (FoLE). Except for the majority expression. Because what majority chooses is by definition democratic. And we are a democracy. So we need laws to limit deviant behaviors like homosexuality. They are not democratic, by definition. If they were choice of majority, most of us would not be born. What? You say that’s would have been a good thing? You’re anti-majority, so by definition anti-democracy, and anti-national.

FoLE should be enshrined in our constitution along with other basic freedoms. Who will decide the limits? Of course, the majority. Just as it does in some middle-eastern countries. Look at them. They have fixed this problem of FoE. They never have anyone insulting majority religion, or practices, or idols. Err, they don’t have idols? Because idols are anti-majority religion there. So they can actually insult idols and other religions. That’s allowed by FoLE. Why we don’t believe in such a simple and effective system is beyond us. Those who don’t like what we’re saying can always go to those countries. You can have your FoE there. Not here. Goodbye.


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