India’s number one best-selling intellectual, and writer of what would in future be called pathbreaking novels about contemporary Indian culture, Chetan Bhagat, has decided to sue US firm, Abyss Creations for appropriating his idea. The firm recently made public its plans to sell a sexbot product, named Harmony,  who according to the news “Will have sex, whenever and however one wants, no headaches or PMS, no rows about commitment, and always turned on”, the only downside being, “she can’t do housework, and won’t be a fun on night outs”

Bhagat, in an angry tweetstorm, accused the US firm of lifting the idea from his bestselling book, now made into a Bollywood movie, named “Half Girlfriend”

C8wXCmQVYAEZYEG“Harmony is half girlfriend. Even quarter wife”, he tweeted. (Quarter wife is rumored to be a sequel to Half Girlfriend, as per unconfirmed information received by the KandaBatata research team).

Bhagat has a history of controversy over his work. His debut book, Five Points Someone was a major sensation in Indian literary scene, and which made a lot of people believe they can write books too (and boy, did they write!) The book chronicled life in India’s premier technology institutes, that everyone who didn’t attend such institutes found a very authentic portrayal of life in such institutes. A major Bollywood movie, that was the highest grosser movie of its time, had a very similar plot to begin with, but somehow managed to make Bhagat’s writing seem deep by comparison. Bhagat had felt cheated about the writing credits, but later closed the controversy in the interest of the unity of the country, and went on to write another best-selling book about the unity of the country, that was also made into a movie.

“The similarity between the concept of Harmony and of half-girlfriend is way too much to be accidental”, tweeted Bhagat. “I’d say, it’s at least 70%”, said the next tweet (incidentally, 70% is what he felt was the similarity between Five Points Someone and the Bollywood flick based on it).



Don’t Worry, I’m not creating a Five Points Yoga.


The reaction to Bhagat’s tweetstorm was mixed. There was some trolling from the left-liberal crowd.

“Harmony is probably more real than Bhagat’s female characters”, tweeted @MansplainMePlease.

“I’m with @chetan_bhagat. A girlfriend who does not have PMS could only be conceived by him”, said one @MalsalaSahiba.

“But wait, how will this Harmony sell in India”, tweeted @WhyChr0m0s0me. “A girl who doesn’t say no to sex. What fun is that for Indian men”, said the next tweets, “They cannot prove their mardangi, by making her submit.”

Bhagat, meanwhile, said that he’s contemplating legal action. However, many are writing it off as a publicity stunt for the eponymous film based on the book that’s released this week. Bhagat also has words for the naysayers: “The self certified literary elites in India have always been jealous of me. The elephant marches on, while dogs keep barking”.

Abyss Creations refused to comment on the issue.


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