This blog is a brazen, shameless, presumptuous, and lame copy (or a clever, interesting, witty, indianization) of So much so that it even copies the name. I guess they named it that way, because truth is multi-layered. Well, coming from a sampradaayik tradition, I must go a step further. So then: truth is either multi-layered or just starchy, and white, and easy to cook. Either way, it can be covered in lot of besan, and made into very tasty bhajias or pakoraas.

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7 thoughts on “WTF?

  1. Hi,

    I came to your blog site through the blog site of Sakshi, which I read regularly. I found quite a few comments by you and her on her latest blog and was worried a bit to see the heat in the debate. It seems that you chased her like anything and she spent much of her time in replying to you only. She is a deep lover of dogs and I take her as one of the admirable girls of India. Please don’t chase her like this. She is a sensitive girl basically. I like all the sensitive girls in the world and so this possessiveness for her. Only a good girl likes to be frank even in chasing others on a public platform. I had such good experiences with an anonymous blogger called “Spaceman Spiff” earlier on wordpress itself.

    Sakshi blasted me like anything a few months ago. I too tried my hand a little and left the platform later not because I don’t like her but not to hurt her any more. I believe that girls and women in India are more sensitive and lovable than boys and men. They entered the mainstream very recently after the independence to India. They must not be chased by boys and men like this. They are valuable assets of our land.

    I often find my fulfillment in allowing them to blast me more because I take it as appreciation for me. In other words, slightly practicing unconditional love toward this most admirable race on earth. These are my personal opinions and you are at liberty to object them.

    I don’t know whether you are a boy or a girl or a man or woman. I presume that you are male because a male doesn’t mind taking a bit of extra time to deal with some female if some hot debate arises on some topic. I am sorry if this gender issue hurt your interests or opinions.

    I did not find reliable or appreciable description about your profile on this site and this disappointed me a bit. A boy cannot interact in the same line with a boy and girl. The tone and the words used need to change based on the gender of the persons in discussion on a topic. This is why I often worry to know about the gender of the person on the other side. Many girls misunderstand me for this reason only. I am helpless.

    Please elaborate the description of your profile. It does impact the views of your blog readers toward you and your posts and the opinions expressed therein. Gender remains a big issue always whether we accept it or not.

    I am sorry if this message hurt you in any manner. I did not mean it.

    Have a look at my blog site and see if you can find it a bit acceptable or apprecialbe for some reasons.

    I would be happy to receive any comments from you at my primary email id

    Thank you.

    Datla Chiranjeevi Raju,
    6:33 PM IST.


  2. Hi,

    I am sorry I found the description of the chief editor.

    What about others.

    Gender issue settled.

    Thanks for your description which I failed to notice prior to posting the below elaborate comment.

    Objection overruled!

    Golmal Govindam.


  3. DCR (sorry for acronymysing your name, if you feel offended, do tell me):

    chasing a girl? how dare you accuse me of chasing a girl! i’m a very happily married man (and my wife reads my blog), so please don’t accuse me of such crimes.

    and that too, chasing teenage girls? who do you think I am? Amitabh Bacchan(‘s character).

    apart from the accusation, though, you seem very sensible guy, especially with all those views about upliftment of the Indian (teenage) women. so I’ll check out your blog. thanks for dropping by.

    and please don’t ask me embarrassing questions like: “what about others?”. does it look like we’re a rich newspaper? we have one editor, one reporter, one newsroom boy, one everything. all combined into one. all great things start small!



  4. Hmm.. you mention TheOnion … but wondering if you got inspiration from that ‘great’ Marathi saying (especially popular with the previous generation, when referring to the present one…): ‘..Dokyat kai kande batate bharley ahet ka??!’


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